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Welcome to Greater Manchester Community Map

Navigating the maze of local support and opportunities can be daunting. This map is part of the UK's first network of connected community maps. Working with communities to make it ‘aDoddle’ to find local charities, community groups & resources.


Start searching now, just click on the map pin-points to:

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Traffic Light System

Making it 'aDoddle' to have confidence in the content by knowing when it was last updated.

Picture of traffic lights indicating when it was last updated; green is under 6 months, light blue is 6-12 months and dark blue is over 12 months

Whether you're seeking assistance for yourself, a loved one, or simply looking to make a difference, this map is about empowering you to connect with charities, community groups, and volunteering opportunities that align with your needs and interests.

Find Support on Your Doorstep

Discover Opportunities to Volunteer

Connect with Likeminded Others

Local Businesses & Community Organisations Powering Community Connection

Local businesses and community organisations are often the heart of our communities, alongside charities and community groups. Thanks to the generous support of the Sponsors & Partners below aDoddle is able to provide this free to access community map for both those searching and for organisations to share who they help, how they help, the difference they make and how to connect with them.

If you are a local charity or community group providing support, volunteering opportunities, and social connections in your area, see below to find out how to add your profile to the map.


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Circles of Find, Give, Connect, Collaborate and Support

UK Charities, Community Groups and Organisations Can Create a FREE Profile on the Map

Adding your profile to the map is 'aDoddle' - Just ...

Every charity, community group or organisation provides vital support or opportunities to people & offers the ability for each of these organisations to have a free profile helping them to be found by those who need them - for whatever reason.So each organisation that takes the time, to add their profile to the map, is helping to 'put the puzzle' together - and could be the important piece in someone's search.

Value and Impact for People & Communities

Benefits & Value for Charities, Community Groups & Organisations

  • Free Profile – Can be used as a ‘Mini-website’
  • No need to purchase a domain name
  • No cost for ‘hosting’ your profile
  • No website development time needed
  • Simple profile creation – just add your information & it is done
  • Easy ‘master’ profile duplication for multiple locations of the same project
  • Direct contact – no need for a custom email address & hides personal email
  • The ability for partial branding
  • Access to free profile ‘header’ templates in Canva
  • Free marketing
  • Increased opportunity to be found by those who need help or want to help
  • Access to free support workshops and the Guides Hub

Estimated value per profile between £600 – £1600 – depending if using instead of having a website developed.

Based on the lower figure of £600 per profile, with the 3000+ profiles on aDoddle’s community maps, that is an annual value to the charity and community sector in excess of: